Getting ISO 45001 Certified-ISO 9001 Ft Worth TX-ISO PROS #42
Getting ISO 45001 Certified-ISO 9001 Ft Worth TX-ISO PROS #42

Getting ISO 45001 Certified in Fort Worth, Texas (TX)

ISO Pros consultants will help you adopt the world’s first standardized workplace health and safety regulations. ISO 45001 fits the framework of the Annex SL and implies that it has the same specific clause layout as ISO 9001 and can be conveniently combined with other management system specifications.

Main Themes of ISO 45001

Hazard recognition and the assessment of opportunities and risks

The standards lay out important criteria for meeting the ethical duty to define, determine, and handle health & safety risks. It involves the concept of control hierarchy which allows you to try and remove the risk first and then use PPE as a last resort.

Worker communication and engagement

Health & safety is a philosophy in which individuals ought to join in at all stages of the management system. ISO 45001 includes engagement and collaboration approaches to control risk across all other areas of the organization.

Workplace health and safety experts

These may involve meetings of the Health & Safety Committee as provided by Regulation 1977 (as amended) of the Security Members and Protection Committees; and Regulation 1996 of Health and Safety (Consultation with Employees), as amended.

Legal requirements

The standard also allows organizations to define and implement relevant regulatory and other applicable requirements. For companies working globally, where health & safety and labor laws vary considerably, this may be especially difficult. The organization’s commitment to fulfilling the applicable requirement has to be demonstrated. Our legal compliance audit and information on risk briefing will help you handle this area within the standard.


ISO 45001 calls for a section devoted to contractors and managing them.

Investigation of accidents and incidents

Many companies are informed of the need to have an accident book, but this standard demands that you consider using a formal process and manage incidents to learn from them.


What is in the standard?

Throughout the ISO 45001 model, reference to ‘workers’ encourages the advantages of workplace participation including making decisions and exchanging information on the OH&SMS. Workers are expected to be engaged in the continuous operation of the management system and associated regulations such as Safe Systems of Work, whether they are working for the company or contracting.

ISO 45001 has implemented a “Risk-Based Approach” in line with other revised standards, thus providing a proactive solution rather than the OHSAS 18001 reactive method that aims at ‘Hazard Classification.’ Therefore, the model clearly encourages the usage of the ‘Hierarchy of Controls,’ which is a functional and valuable method for management.

By establishing a management structure for workplace health and safety, the company is dedicated to minimizing and eliminating hazards, and to ensuring the welfare and wellbeing of both employees and individuals impacted by the company. The strategy identifies and handles all big OH&S challenges and opportunities that impact a broad variety of stakeholders known as ‘Interested Parties.’

This will positively enhance the company by strengthening the capacity to respond effectively to regulatory issues with compliance, emergency situations as well as any changes. Effective control of workplace health and safety can boost efficiency, resulting in fewer accidents (reflected in decreased days off work, turnover, interruption and lower running costs), and economic gains (such as reduced insurance costs and contract/sales opportunities). In fact, staff would be more likely to work with a safe company than one that is unsafe.